With aims to shake up the standard, while embracing ‘new west’ values, we stand behind a hands on, people-first approach to booking and planning experience-based events.

Experience Calgary’s own tailored event space.


The Pioneer

The Pioneer offers a tailored event space and experience, all rooted in revitalizing and rejuvenating one of Calgary’s most iconic avenues – Stephen Avenue.

Rich with history of its own, The Pioneer boasts a balanced blend of historical beauty and industrial edge, creating a versatile setting for any occasion. The stunning venue is comprised of multiple spaces, including Tall Gallery, Mezzanine and The Mill.

With a passion for city roots, the beauty of historical infrastructure, and the unique network of Calgary’s downtown core, The Pioneer honours tradition and community while continuously striving to evolve its all-encompassing venue space.

Welcoming creatives, collaborators and dreamers alike, we at The Pioneer aspire to bring your bold vision to life.

Interested in learning more about The Pioneer? Connect at Jkopperson@thepioneeron8th.com today, and take a peek at our FAQ.


Meet Jenna Kopperson

The Pioneer Event Corporation’s Creator & Vice President Jenna Kopperson, is a seasoned events strategist and planner with more than 15 years of experience and endless passion for her craft. Jenna has a unique ability to navigate events of every shape and size, with intuition and care backing her extensive expertise.

Jenna launched her career in events as Operations Manager with a local entertainment and restaurant group, where she ran overall management and led booking for social, corporate and all large-scale live musical acts.

Jenna today? She is connected, driven and dialed-in to the nuances of event planning and venue procurement. Acting as your champion from day one, Jenna’s has a unique ability to help guide your event vision.

Sophisticated, yet bold. Supportive, yet innovative. The Pioneer is a true reflection of Jenna’s ever-growing impact in the booming events space.




Construction of the Calgary Milling Company Building


Construction of the Calgary Cattle Company Building


The Calgary Cattle Company Building becomes known as The Pioneer Meat Market Building


The Pioneer Meat Market Building is protected as a Municipal Historic Resource


The Pioneer Meat Market Building and the Calgary Milling Company Building are named among Canada’s Historic Places


The Pioneer Meat Market Building (The Pioneer) and the Calgary Milling Company Building (The Mill) are restored into the city’s most versatile, culturally-rich event space.